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How to do a kidney cleanse to boost your health

How to do a kidney cleanse for boosting health

How to do a kidney cleanse to boost your health?  Let’s start by discussing why you want to do a kidney cleanse in the first place?  You have probably heard of liver cleansing but what about kidney cleansing? [click to continue…]

9 Ways to improve your sleep and enjoy more energy

Improve your sleep - Kelway Health

Today we are discussing 9 ways to improve your sleep and enjoy more energy.  It is estimated that 50% of adults over the age of 60 are sleep deprived according to the National Institute of Health. And 20% of all US adults suffer with some form of sleep issues.  This is a huge problem. [click to continue…]

Adrenal Fatigue – do you know the symptoms and solutions?

Adrenal Fatigue - Kelway Health

Adrenal fatigue – do you know the symptoms and solutions?  What are the symptoms and what are the solutions?

Adrenal fatigue affects millions of people at some time in their lives.  Most of these people don’t know they have adrenal fatigue until it manifests as something serious with a diagnosis.   [click to continue…]

Autoimmune Diseases: what are they and how to overcome them

Autoimmune diseases: what to know

Autoimmune diseases are conditions where your immune system attacks healthy tissue. Your immune system is designed to attack foreign invaders.

But sometimes this process goes haywire.  The immune system starts creating antibodies that it is not supposed to be creating.   [click to continue…]

2017 Dirty Dozen List: What Your Family Needs to Know!

2017 Dirty Dozen List

The 2017 Dirty Dozen List has been published by the EWG ( Environmental Working Group). They release this list every year. If you don’t already know that certain fruits and vegetables contain more pesticides by weight than they ought to for your health – let’s investigate.  [click to continue…]

Holistic dental health and your mouth’s gateway to wellness

Holistic dental health

Your mouth and holistic dental health is our topic for discussion this week. This is not usually taught in school and your doctor may not be aware of the importance of your dental work. He is therefore not telling you this.

The signs and symptoms of many potentially life-threatening diseases appear in the mouth first.  Some of these diseases include heart disease, diabetes, and oral cancer.

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Why Functional Medicine is the Future Medicine

Why functional medicine is the future medicine

Why Functional medicine is the future medicine rather than conventional medicine or homeopathy?

Let’s start by exploring what is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a system of medicine that addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

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Saliva testing for adrenal stress – why do it?

Saliva testing for adrenal & HPA dysfunction

Why use saliva testing for adrenal stress?  You can test the adrenals using blood, saliva and urine.  However, if you want to understand the delicate relationship between the hypothalamus, pituitary and the adrenal glands, then you want to run a salivary test that will give you the information you are seeking on the HPA relationship.

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How to do a Vitamin C Cleanse

Lemons for kidney cleanse

How to do a vitamin C Cleanse?  I am asked this in the clinic all the time.  If you are a Kelway Health client or follower, you know how much we love naturopathic cleanses and detoxification.

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The 3 phases of liver detoxification and what it means for you

phases of liver detoxification

Liver detoxification: continuing our series about the liver, today we discuss  the 3 phases of liver detoxification.

There are 3 phases of liver detoxification.   For a long time, we believed there were 2 phases of detoxification.  Science has now concluded that there are indeed 3 phases. And I am going to explain them simply to you here so you know how to take care of this incredible organ known as your liver.

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