Welcome to Kelway Health!

Are you tired of being sick and tired and not having the health and energy you know you deserve?

We  understand.

Kelway Health offers a natural approach to health, combining functional medicine, homeopathy, herbal botanicals, clinical nutrition and lifestyle coaching. This is a holistic approach to health.  We consider you as a whole person and approach your health challenges accordingly.

We approach each client individually but applies a standard scientific methodology to each case.  This allows us to prepare a structured base line and then design a health program around this base line.

We developed the structured base line approach after experiencing the rather haphazard approach to natural health and this allows measurable indicators and timelines to be attached to each case.

We incorporated Functional Medicine into our practice, as we have noticed a dramatic improvement in our clients' outcomes when using this system of medicine. We specialize in the holistic treatment of autoimmunity, sleep issues, hormone issues, anxiety, depression, digestive challenges and energy management.

This website is about helping you to learn about natural health strategies that can help you whether you just want to protect your health or whether you already have a diagnosed condition and are looking for natural health sciences to help you.


No matter your current condition or diagnosis.  Our bodies have an innate ability to heal if given the right ingredients and conditions.





Special programs

Kelway Health has developed programs for the ketogenic lifestyle, the use of CBD oil in our everyday lives, and minerals - the foundation of everyone's health.

We are experts in autoimmunity, sleep issues, digestive challenges, hormone imbalances, energy management and anxiety.

We offer long-distance consultations by phone and video to help customize specific lifestyle programs to help individuals improve performance and overcome chronic conditions.

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