Great To Meet You, I'm Clare Kelway

Are you tired of being sick and tired and not having the health and energy you know you deserve?

I was too!

This website is about helping you to discover natural health strategies that can help you whether you just want to protect your health using nutrition, quantum health and therapies or whether you already have a diagnosed condition and are looking for natural health sciences to help you.

My story is personal.  Read on to learn more about my journey to health.  I have been diagnosed with 3 autoimmune conditions over the past 2 decades. It has been a determined journey to restore my energy, digestion health and detoxification pathways.

If I can, then you can too.  No matter your current condition or diagnosis.  Our bodies have an innate ability to heal if given the right ingredients and conditions.

My Story

I was in my mid-thirties (yes, it is a while ago); I had a terrific corporate career as a management consultant. I traveled, met amazing people and loved my job. I drove a nice car and lived in an awesome home I had bought in Oxshott, Surrey, England.

But I wasn't taking care of myself.

And I paid a huge price for this lack of self care.

One foggy November Friday morning, I found myself in pain and unable to surface from my bed.  That was the beginning of a new chapter for me.  One that involved many puzzled doctors, a waiting game to find out how I could 'spring' back to life.

I received my first diagnosis - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  Yes it is a long word and very frightening for an A-type personality who believed it was a little virus I could snap out of and return to my high-stress existence?

If you have ever received bad news at the Doctor, perhaps you can relate?

I was chronically exhausted. I would wake up exhausted.  I could sleep 18 hours straight and still not feel better.  Many ME sufferers can't sleep.  That wasn't my issue.  I couldn't stop sleeping.  But it didn't help.

Realization set in.  I wasn't returning to corporate life as I had known it.




Some Of The Activities I Love To Participate In

My Natural Health Journey

I turned to natural health.  I didn't know anything about it.  It was a homeopath and chiropractor who helped me open my eyes and my spirit to the incredible world of natural health and healing.  They taught me to eat organic with dirt on my vegetables!  They taught me relaxation techniques. They shared nutritional strategies and supplements all of which I followed diligently.   I was a great client - do whatever the experts are telling me.  After all, I needed to get back to my consulting role.  I was self employed - no consulting, no income!!

One day while consulting with a famous healer, he spoke some profound words into me.  He told me I have a gift from God.  A gift for healing.... helping people with their health.


I was blown away.

Was this why I was sick?  Was this my calling?

I  believe so.

Those words of divine inspiration and encouragement led me to train as a homeopathic consultant.  I opened a clinic next to my home and my journey in health consulting and coaching began.

Over the years I have collected many qualifications in the natural sciences - homeopathy, nutrition counseling, quantum biofeedback, quantum healing, kinesiology, bio energetic medicine and most recently, functional medicine. But working with people like you is about more than formal qualifications.

There is a magic of intuition and divine intervention that takes place when we are connected.  And we are all connected whether separated by land or ocean. This is the secret of the quantum world. We are connected whether we are sitting in the same room or across the oceans.

I have had extraordinary experiences with clients near and far. Every client has brought me joy and inner learning.

My functional medicine training has given me the opportunity to integrate systems and processes into my health work.   Healing can seem rather esoteric.

When you feel better, have better energy, sleep better, how do we know that it is related  to the work we are doing together or is it mere coincidence?

Now re-testing allows us to measure results in a timely manner. This has been a game changer for Kelway Health.

We use different types of testing in our system: saliva, blood, urine and stool testing.


Some Of The Business Events I Attend For Continual Personal Development & Training

Kelway Health Vision

To be the leading telehealth provider of functional medicine and high performance health coaching. We specialize in energy management and hormone balance.  We help our clients balance their hormones and exponentially increase energy management without using stimulating energy drinks, hormones pills and loads of caffeine.

 Kelway Health Mission

Kelway Health's mission is to educate 10,000 people live a better life and improve physical, emotional and spiritual health by exponentially increasing energy output and hormone balance all from the comfort of your home.

Your health is a gift from a higher power that works magically if you understand how it works.  Learn how to use lab tests, nutritional science and food plans to live a vibrant healthy life.

You could be abusing your health without knowing it.  Our food no longer provides the nutrients we need on a daily basis.  Our soils are empty.  Our water and air is polluted.

Our livers are working in overdrive.  People may be living longer, but they are living with chronic conditions and a lesser quality of life.



Kelway Health Values

To innovate and improve our services consistently

To love each day and have fun

To build healthy relationships with respect

To listen, to care, to serve

To face challenges with optimism


Ways To Connect Personally With Clare

The Best Doctor Gives The Least Medicine - Benjamin Franklin