How To Break Your Sugar Addiction Forever

Learn Why Your Body Craves Sugar And What To Do About It

About Clare Kelway Bergman – Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I am a mom to 3 sons aged from 18 to 10, and step-mom to a son and daughter aged 27 and 25.  I am married to Dan and I am a serial entrepreneur who discovered natural health as a result of my diagnosed chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in my mid- 30’s.  And at that time, no-one knew what was wrong with me. I was living in Surrey, England.

I had suffered multiple viruses that led to a situation that I was so tired, I couldn’t go to work.  I had hormone issues, digestive challenges, sleep issues that all left me feeling anxious.  And I had suffered infertility for over a decade.  So much so I had given up any thoughts of ever having kids!! Who would have thought that I would today be mom and step-mom to five young people!

My doctor told me I was faking it.  He said take some anti-depressants and you’ll be okay.  Now, I was self-employed, so why on earth would I be faking it when I wouldn’t earn a dime if I didn’t work?

I was led to discover natural medicine and various wonderful natural  health professionals.

So how can I help you?

Are you tired? Perhaps you are struggling with hormone imbalances, weight gain, digestive challenges or anxiety you don’t know how to correct.

I really understand your predicament.

Having re-discovered health and vitality, I turned my life around and trained in homeopathy, clinical nutrition and functional medicine.

I have kept myself healthy using natural products, scientifically proven nutrients and natural  health therapies. I use functional lab testing to check that I am doing great.

I can help you because I have experienced my own health challenges and I have made it my mission to be a lifelong learner in nutritional science, homeopathy and functional medicine.

At Kelway Health I work with you to design a program that will create quantum shifts towards your goals in a sequenced manner that is quantifiable. I am your health partner, rather than a person in a white coat telling  you want to do.

The chief complaints of clients who come to Kelway Health are exhaustion or unexplained fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues, hormone imbalances ( ones you already know about) and depression.  When we run tests, we discover whether these complaints are related to stress, hormone imbalances, gut infections or a detoxification pathway issue. There are many causes and many consequences. I will recommend a priority in accordance with your goals and expectations.

My specialty is to unravel the root causes and put together a program that has order and sensibility so you can track your results.

I have created a niche helping people with autoimmune conditions ( so many today) and cancer.  I don’t work with the diagnosis you have received but rather the function of your body.  Again, we run tests, analyze your current health status and then prepare a program that includes lifestyle and therapeutic supplementation.

I am here to help you.  Let’s do this together.  Your starting point is to book a free consultation with Clare so we can discuss next steps.