What Others Are Saying About Kelway Health

I just wanted to leave a message about my friend, Clare.  She personally saw my daughter last week who was having issues with her teeth and mouth (cavities).  We had already been to the dentist many times.  Clare takes a look at your whole health picture and then gives you an immediate solution to the symptoms and then a long term solution to actually solve the underlying problem.  Check out her website, https://kelwayhealth.com.  I love her, and I believe you will too.  Thanks for your help, Clare!

Jason T Jason T
Parker, Colorado

Clare is amazing and truly a God send for me. She knows her stuff and is fully committed to helping me win this battle

John W
John W Parker, Colorado

Clare - you have been such a joy, friend and blessing to our family.  You have helped us so much with our health. We have learned so much from you.  We love you with our entire being.

Margaret S
Margaret S Paducah, KY

Clare, within you is something rare in this world. It is a genuine sincerity, that comes from your heart.   You are honest and sincere. Stay your sensitive, spiritual self. This world needs compassionate people like yourself.   It is a privilege to have met you.

- Frank H, Surrey, England

Thank you for being you!  Thank you for your positive attitude on life and helping me so much! Have a great week!

Alana C
Alana C
Tina H

In the years before I came to Kelway Health, I was plagued with health concerns that were chronic and denied me quality of life I desired.  Allergies quickly developed into serious and long-lasting upper respiratory infections.  Every  year I was prescribed multiple rounds of strong antibiotics, steroids, and various other medications. Side effects from all the medications created additional issues for me to contend with.  My immune system was weak.  It seemed that every time the wind blew, I got sick.

Since I was sick so often, I sought ways to heal my body naturally.  Unfortunately, every resource I consulted seemed to have different ideas about what I needed.  After a while, I was taking nutritional supplements by the handful.  My husband voiced alarm about all the supplements I was taking. I too had concerns about this.  At the same time, I was desperate and afraid to stop taking them.  What if things got worse?

By the time I got to Kelway Health, I was physically and emotionally depleted and depressed.  Clare carefully listened and asked questions.  She went through my mountain of supplements, explaining what was most healthy for me and paring down what I was taking. Clare suggested changes to my diet and put together a wellness plan with personalized supplement plan.    It was clear that unlike others, she wasn't there primarily to sell me a product.  She was acting as my path-maker to health.  The products she did introduce me to proved to be the most helpful I have ever taken.  My physical condition has made a turn around and my immune system is being strengthened.  My need to take medications has been reduced.  My husband is thrilled.  We are both secure in the knowledge that supplements I get from Clare are of the highest quality and also are the best fit for my particular needs.  I look forward to a long and healthy life because of Kelway Health!

Tina H

I'm an American tax lawyer resident in England. I have availed myself of Clare Kelway's consultancy regularly for the last six years.

Clare is the consummate professional. She is a very good listener, extremely smart and able to apply pieces of her knowledge from various parts of her professional life to solve or suggest alternatives to be considered, whatever the issue at hand.

Clare obviously has a lifelong commitment to continuous education and improvement, along with a love of research, all of which is evident from the enthusiastic, practical and positive way she approaches life.

I can tell she runs her business efficiently, is on top of financial matters and I have also seen her professional and caring manner in how she treats her staff.

At the end of the day, the best reference is always from current clients. I learned about Clare from a friend and sent many others along to her over the years as did they.

We are all sad personally and professionally that she is not physically present here any longer in the UK!

Robin B