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Book your Free Health consultation with Kelway Health

Clare Kelway Bergman, founder of Kelway Health offers a free health consultation for you to understand how we can help you transform your health.

Discuss your primary health challenges

This is a chance for you to discuss your primary health concerns with Clare.  You will then learn about her approach to functional medicine, holistic health, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  What processes we follow at Kelway Health and how your particular health needs will be taken care of.  Clare is not a medical doctor, she is a holistic health professional with decades of experience in working with people with all sorts of health challenges from the simplest to the most complex cases like autoimmunity and cancer.  She doesn’t treat anything.  She helps you to take control of your health journey.  Often her greatest contribution to our clients is her ability to be a friend in a scary time.  Be a voice of reason when you feel like you are being railroaded in treatments.  Take a step back and talk to Clare.  She has been through many health challenges herself and her research and passion for health comes from her own experiences.

Clare Kelway Bergman’s qualifications

Of course she is professionally qualified  in holistic health, functional medicine, clinical nutrition and homeopathy.

Clare will discuss costs with you so you can be fully prepared to make a decision.

Our fees are 100% private.  We do not accept any type of insurance. We believe that when we invest in services, we all give these services greater focus and attention than when we receive services free or at largely reduced rates.  Our mission at Kelway Health is to serve you and provide much greater value than you think you should receive.  Every client is extremely important to us.  You become a part of our Kelway Health family. If you are looking for a very personable service with experience, then be sure to book a time to speak with Clare.

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