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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Lab tests look normal, yet you still feel bad?

Have you been to your Primary Care Physician and on getting back your blood results, you are told that everything is perfectly normal?

And yet, you still feel like #$%^?   You are experiencing hot flashes, hair is falling out and you are dead exhausted.

Well, when we as functional medicine practitioners read blood tests, we use different values.  Your doctor is reading pathological ranges  that suggest you are already in a disease state when your blood is out of range.  We are looking for functional ranges not pathological ranges.  For you to have abnormal ranges with your medical doctor, you have had functional imbalances for a long while.  You are already in the disease range.  Functional ranges are looking for imbalances so that we can correct systems before you get to the disease range.

Sounds logical and sensible right?  Well most people don’t know this.  You have relied upon your doctor to take care of your health.    As functional medicine practitioners, we don’t deal with diseases, we work on your functional health and the systems of your body that are all interconnected.

Make sense?

We have a functional range chart and we will put your blood results into this chart and then review it with you to discuss what is happening with your health.

We also run other functional tests that will assist in reviewing your overall health – metabolic urine tests, saliva tests and stool tests – depending on what we believe is appropriate at your initial consultation.