The difference between coaching and functional medicine

Coaches are vital partners to functional medicine practitioners.  In some cases, the coach may be the same person as the functional medicine practitioner but there needs to be clear distinction between these two services.  In most clinics, the functional medicine practitioner will be a different person from the functional coach.

Coaching is about implementing your plan and issues you are having with lifestyle. We act as a mentor and a partner along your journey.  If you are struggling with the plan, have questions, emotional challenges, family challenges – this is the place for your coaching sessions.

The coach builds a bridge between the practitioner and the client.

Functional medicine consultations will be reviews of your health, your labs and current symptomatology.  Functional medicine consultations will be every 3 – 6 months again depending on your individual case. Functional medicine practitioner will create the wellness plan for your program.

Your coach will help you implement your plan successfully and will be your partner and support along your journey. You will usually meet with your coach weekly or bi-weekly.  Your coach will be your facilitator and help you to become self-directed in your health journey.

A successful practice will be combining functional medicine consultations with health coaching. This is the best combination for clients.

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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

Clare Kelway is a functional medicine practitioner and homeopath. She comes from the UK where she turned a successful career in business management into a health calling after suffering from an autoimmune illness. She is a functional medicine thought leader, speaker, coach, and mentor. She runs Kelway Health a Denver functional medicine virtual practice leading the way in chronic illness management.