Why Functional medicine is the future medicine rather than conventional medicine or homeopathy?

Let’s start by exploring what is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine is a system of medicine that addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

It addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and involving both you and the practitioner in your health. It is a quantum shift in medicine that better addresses the wants and needs of the community. This is why functional medicine is the future medicine. As a homeopath and clinical nutritionist leading a clinic in Denver, Colorado, it made sense for me to train in Functional Medicine and focus on this system of medicine going forward.

Why functional medicine is the future medicine

Functional medicine is a holistic system of medicine much like homeopathy is. There are many similarities.  Where they differ, is that functional medicine relies upon the results of lab testing.

Functional medicine and homeopathy

Homeopathy relies upon the symptomatology of a client.

I incorporate homeopathy into my functional medicine programs.  Where functional medicine has a great advantage is its approach to bring in lab testing and the order of treatment.  And these results of lab tests are interpreted differently from traditional medicine.

We use different ranges that are more in line with health rather than illness rates. It is predictive and empowering for the client. You can feel empowered that you are taking control of your health and this is exactly how it should be. The practitioner or doctor is a facilitator in your health and shouldn’t make you feel as if they are in charge of you!

Functional medicine is growing in the US

Functional medicine is now a recognized and growing system of medicine in the US.  Thanks to the Institute of Functional Medicine many doctors, chiropractors and other health professionals are adding functional medicine to their trainings.

Functional Medicine incorporates the latest in genetic science, systems biology, and understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence your health today and preventatively for the future.

Having an annual functional medicine wellness check is a very sensible way to manage your health.  Depending on your individual case, your functional medicine practitioner will recommend the most appropriate lab tests.

Your functional medicine practitioner will refer you to another health professional is there is something that needs further investigation. This doesn’t replace the need for your standard care from your primary care doctor.  It is in addition to your normal health tests and annual care program but it covers areas that your doctor will not cover and includes nutritional status, energy management, digestive health and detoxification pathways.

Detoxification pathways are critical in today’s world because we are exposed to so many toxins in such a short period of time, detoxification strategies must be a daily part of everyone’s life.  It is not an option – it is your life!

Functional Medicine programs

Our programs have a high emphasis on lifestyle. We offer coaching in diet, sleep, exercise and meditation.  These areas help to mitigate the negative effects of stress on your health.  By changing your lifestyle, you are able to use the nutritional science products recommended more effectively.

Health care is an investment and most functional medicine practitioners will be private and not accept insurance.  You may be able to use your health savings account to cover the costs but you will be expected to pay the practitioner directly and then recoup your costs if appropriate.

So if you are going to get help from a health professional, you know you are going to make an investment.  However, I encourage you to think of this as an investment in yourself.  If you are choosing wisely, the practitioner will be someone with a lot of experience helping others in the area of health that you are seeking help.  Ask the practitioner what their areas of specialty are.  We can’t all specialized in all areas of medicine.  Some work with kids, some work with women, some with chronic illnesses, and others with the elderly.

Relationship with your functional medicine practitioner

One of the key reasons I practice functional medicine is that it allows me to build a real relationship with my patients.  I love people and I intend to get to everyone who chooses to work with me.  You are part of my family and that means we will get to know each other well. I still consult with families that I first helped over a decade ago.  We know each other’s families and enjoy catching up beyond the consultation.  My practice is people first.  Our consultations are longer than in traditional medicine.  Your initial consultation will be approximately 1 hour and your follow up analysis with program design will be a further 1 hour consultation.

This gives you a chance to get to know the practitioner. It is important that you work with a person you resonate with.  We are all different and it is important that you find a person you feel comfortable with. Most practitioners will offer you a short complimentary call or consult in order for you to determine if they are someone you would be comfortable to work with.

We all know that we do business with those we know, like and trust.  In functional medicine, you have an opportunity to get to really know your practitioner and they get to know you.  This is a key reason why functional medicine is the future medicine. This opens opportunity to help beyond the surface issues.  You will also have an opportunity to contact your practitioner between consultations with questions.

Functional medicine process

At your initial appointment, alongside a detailed questionnaire, we will together decide on the most appropriate tests for you.  Tests cost money but they also confirm what is happening with your health. We use blood testing where appropriate but we also offer saliva testing, stool testing and awesome urine testing.  This brings science to the forefront.  As a healer, my intuitive powers are well developed and using kinesiology, biofeedback, intuition and an excellent grasp on how the body works – I will usually know what a client needs to focus on.  However, my clients may still be unsure whether we are taking the right approach.   Even though I have been blessed to build excellent trust relationships with my clients, tests improve compliance and the trust level of the patient.

You can also share results with your medical doctor and other health professionals if appropriate.  Your functional medicine practitioner should be considered an important member of your health team.   And the testing will determine the order in which we focus our attention.  The order matters for speed and effectiveness of healing.  If we discover you have a hidden infection, then you can get specific treatment for this infection that will dramatically improve your overall health.  You may not have known about this infection any other way providing you with a very important service. Hidden infections are often the reason for blood sugar imbalance, exhaustion and weight issues.

Compliance by clients

You may not always understand why you are taking the supplements recommended.  But lab tests give us strong reasons for our actions.  Lab results are visual and powerful forces for change.   Unless you know WHY you are doing it, you are bound to fail. That is not a good outcome for you or me.  So functional medicine has a higher compliance rate than just clinical nutrition or homeopathy.

Implementing functional medicine testing into our clinic has been a quantum shift.  Yes, I still use kinesiology, intuition, experience and biofeedback where necessary.  However, they are a backup and confirmation to the testing.  It is a better partnership between the client and the practitioner.

Takes the stress out of being a health professional

Functional medicine releases a lot of  the stress that a health practitioner faces.  This is an important life balance aspect for me and many others.   If a practitioner is not enjoying their life, there is a strong chance they will quit and leave many clients without a practitioner. Functional medicine takes the guess work out of alternative health.

I have been undertaking a mentorship program with Dr Daniel Kalish from The Kalish Institute.  He has given me tools to make my work simpler and more accurate.

When we design a lifestyle program for you, we will prioritize what to work on.  Usually we can’t work on all systems at the same time. It is confusing, expensive and overwhelming.  When your energy management system remains under performing, your detox pathways and digestive system can’t spring to life. You don’t have enough energy to heal.

We are able to give you approximate times for each part of the wellness program and the related costs.

We offer annual programs or pay as you go programs depending on what works best for you.

Fatigue and Stress management

Our expertize is fatigue management.  Having overcome chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s disease, I am well qualified to help you with your exhaustion and stress. 86% of Americans are tired and don’t wake up refreshed in the morning.  This is a condition of stress whether emotional, environmental or dietary. How do you modulate your stress even when your job still requires a lot of you along with your family and hobbies?

What Kelway Health offers

Kelway Health covers hormone imbalances, low or high thyroid, weight management, metabolism, adrenal health, mitochondria and neurotransmitters.  If you are having digestive issues or detoxification issues, your energy management system is involved.  Call us or book a free consultation at http://booking.kelwayhealth.com

We are conveniently  located off S  Colorado Blvd and Mexico Avenue at 1720 S Bellaire Street, Suite 905, Denver 80222.


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