Your mouth and holistic dental health is our topic for discussion this week. This is not usually taught in school and your doctor may not be aware of the importance of your dental work. He is therefore not telling you this.

The signs and symptoms of many potentially life-threatening diseases appear in the mouth first.  Some of these diseases include heart disease, diabetes, and oral cancer.

Electricity of your mouth

If you have mercury-silver fillings, crowns or metal partial dentures in your mouth, there may be more going on than you know. Metals in the mouth can cause electrical toxicity issues within the human body.
Electrogalvanism is frequently the cause of lack of concentration
and memory, insomnia, psychological problems, tinnitus, vertigo,
epilepsy. To name a few.
~ Edward Arana, D.D.S.

From an electrical standpoint:  each tooth resonates to a different organ of your body.  See the diagram below for the points for each tooth.


We can energetically test each quadrant to see how your energy is holding up in your mouth.  We do this using a technique called QRA or quantum reflex analysis.  And if a quadrant tests off energetically, then we need to investigate to see what is happening either to the tooth or surrounding area or to the organ that it refers to.  Sometimes it is challenging to know whether the issue is the organ or the tooth or both.

Kelway Health and holistic dental health

I have worked with dentists since I first qualified as a homeopath in England.  We help patients with their holistic dental health relating to the mouth.  We will refer our patients to holistic dentists.  They are an important part of our collaborative network.  Some  dentists we have worked with refer their chronically ill patients to us before moving forward with the dental work.  This is because their health is sensitive and we want to make sure they are well enough to undergo any rigorous dental work. Sometimes this means undertaking dietary changes and adding in specialized nutrients for a few weeks before undertaking the dental work.

I have a story of my own. When I had the last quadrant of mercury fillings removed from my mouth, I contracted a very high fever within 1 hour of the work.  We don’t really know what happened but it appeared that my mouth had been incubating a serious infection for years.  My health improved dramatically after my mercury fillings were replaced.

Dentistry is mainstream medicine and should be treated as mainstream medicine.   You should never have any dental procedures without consulting either your medical doctor or your holistic health professional especially if you have any kind of medical diagnosis or health challenges. Some holistic dentists today have a functional medicine practitioner in their office.

Bio-compatibility testing and holistic dental health

You should also know what materials are compatible to your body.   Your dentist should recommend that a bio-compatibility test is carried out prior the dental procedures.  The more sensitive or unwell a person is, the more critical this testing is.

The most scientific way of testing materials is the “serum compatibility test” from Clifford Consulting Lab, which is basically an allergy test.  A blood sample is sent to an immunology laboratory, where an assay is performed for the presence of antibodies to all of the chemicals and metals used in dental materials.  The results of this test tells the dentist which dental materials  you are less likely to react against.  This test is essential if the patient has multiple allergies, chemical sensitivities, or any other chronic illness.

Dentistry is often the cause of your health challenges.  Pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins can harm more than just your mouth when they circulate through your bloodstream—they can potentially cause secondary infections and chronic inflammation throughout your body.

We will often start patients on a alkalizing diet. And when they can’t get their pH under control, we suspect that there is either a hidden infection in the body or they have an infection in their mouth.

The crazy thing is that your dentist may not find it – it doesn’t show up on standard testing.  It could be nano-bacterial. Nano-bacteria is not normally found on standard testing.

This is why it is so important to work with a suitably qualified dentist who has the necessary equipment to determine what is really going on in your mouth.

Therapies that complement holistic dental health

There are therapies when used in conjunction with holistic dentistry are very helpful. Some of these include nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathy.  And homeopathy can also help for patients who suffer with fear of the dentist too.

What can you do to improve the health of your mouth?


Eating a wholesome healthy diet gluten-free with little sugar and other acid causing foods.

Oil pulling

This is the topic of our next article where we will go into detail about oil pulling.  This can be very helpful for health of your mouth and can get rid of much of the bacteria you don’t want.

Teeth brushing and flossing

We are not unexcited about the chemical tooth pastes on the market. This is also true of the chemical mouth washes on the market.  We don’t recommend any of these.  Use a fluoride free organic toothpaste if you want to use a commercial brand.

Careful with flossing.  It can cause more problems than it helps.  Better method is using a water pick.  Water picks are effective against plaque and gum disease.

Questions about your mouth and holistic dental health

Your holistic dental health is an important part of our questionnaire at Kelway Health.

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