Homeopathic nosodes are minute doses of toxic substances to the human body such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, metals, vaccine residues, allergens and others.   The principle behind nosodes is that they interact with the immune system causing a response.  This alerts stored toxins in cells to being to release.  It is driving your body to increase a natural healing response.  There is much controversy surrounding these homeopathic doses of pathogenic material.

Homeopathic nosodes and vaccination

This is much controversy among homeopaths and naturopaths as well as clients as to the use of nosodes as an alternative to vaccines.  I totally disagree with this approach and at Kelway Health we do not advocate using nosodes in place of vaccines from your medical doctor.  We do help parents with their kids who are struggling with focus and hyperactivity and when correctly chosen, a nosode can be helpful with those symptoms.

If you decide to vaccinate your child, you will go to your medical doctor and follow their procedures. Homeopaths deal with the after effects of vaccination if there are any negative effects such as fevers, colds and digestive challenges. Families consult us with regards digestive issues, immune issues or behavioral issues of their children.

Professional use of homeopathic nosodes

However, despite our viewpoint on the possible preventative measures against vaccines, homeopathic nosodes have a rightful place in the professional homeopathic cabinet.  And I say “professional” because I do not recommend using these nosodes unless you are under the professional care of a homeopath or naturopath who has received specialized training in their use. ( and I would ask – you must know whether the person you are working with has trained in the use of homeopathic nosodes).

Energetix, the homeopathic supplier that we work with at Kelway Health calls their nosodes “chord”.

Here are some of our favorite Chords:

      • Metal-Chord this is a homeopathic combination formula that helps the body to detox metals such as cadmium, lead and other metals.  It also contains homeopathic herbs that assist with the detoxification process.  We recommend that you use Lymph-Tone I, II or III or Drainage-Tone as a lymphatic drainage to accompany the nosode.  It is part of our dental detoxification program.
      • Aller-Chord A this combination homeopathic formula helps with airborne allergies such as hay fever and sinus issues. Yo u may have watery eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose, skin rashes, headaches, persistent sore throats and other related symptoms.  You can use this when you have been suffering from these symptoms in the short term or it is a chronic situation that started years or decades ago. We recommend this in combination with one of the lymphatic drainage remedies.
      • Aller-Chord F this is a combination homeopathic formula for food allergies or sensitivities.  The formula contains allersodes, which are homeopathic attenuations of antigens—substances that can induce the formation of antibodies including food substances, food additives, and preservatives. It covers symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, itching, head congestion, difficulty swallowing, wheezing, hives, flushed face, joint pain and hyperactivity that can be associated with food borne allergies or sensitivities. We recommend this in combination with one of the lymphatic drainage remedies.
      • Colo-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms related to irritation and toxic load of the intestines. For symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and cramping, belching, indigestion, vomiting, gas pains, flatulence, irregular stools, hemorrhoids, fever and chills. This is a one of our top 3 homeopathic nosode formulas. We recommend this in combination with one of the lymphatic drainage remedies.
      • Dental-Chord used for the detoxification of dental materials used in the mouth.  We would not use this nosode detoxifier as long as the materials remain in the mouth but hugely valuable as part of our dental and heavy metal detoxification program. Symptoms such as pain and swelling in the jaw, face, or glands of neck; swollen, bleeding gums; spongy, receding gums; pain in teeth; coated or swollen tongue; mouth ulcers; foul breath; metallic taste in mouth; ear pain; bone and joint pain; weakness and pain in limbs; itching skin eruptions; hair loss; fatigue. We always use this nosode in combination with one of the lymphatic drainage remedies such as Lymph-Tone I, II or III or Drainage-Tone.
      • Neuro-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms related of the nervous system. For symptoms such as difficult concentration, twitching, tingling, spasms, numbness, irritability, and needle-like pains. A healthy nervous system ensures effective communication and control for the body’s internal environment. Neurons, being high in fat, have a propensity for accumulating toxins.  Again, this is a key part of our homeopathic heavy metal detoxification program. We recommend you use this in combination with a drainage lymphatic remedy.
      • Rena-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms related to toxicity of the kidneys which is very common.  Your kidneys are your blood filters and they can become sluggish due to the build up of toxins. In their role of filtration and waste removal, the kidneys may become compromised by exposure to external factors such as heavy metals or viruses. The skin is sometimes referred to as the “third kidney” because of this relationship, skin symptoms are often a part of the kidney symptom picture.

So in conclusion, you can know that at Kelway Health we love homeopathic nosodes from Energetix.  We only work with their remedies because they are reliable and stable and work very effectively.

Energetix and Kelway Health

We have worked with Energetix since 2003 when Kelway Health was based in Surrey, England.  When I moved to the US, it was a natural progression to continue to work with Energetix.  As my work has evolved expanding into nutritional science, we remain committed to our roots in homeopathy.  Most protocols at Kelway Health, include at least one homeopathic formula but often several.  It often helps to speed up the healing process, something that our clients obviously love.

Here is what one of our clients said on Facebook about our homeopathic protocol for her son:

Homeopathic nosodes at Kelway Health

Thank you Sara!  It truly is my mission to help people at a very deep personal level with their health. Not  in a “let’s get this consultation over with as fast as possible” way.  I take your health seriously and if you are committed to helping yourself, then I am committed to walking this journey alongside you.

Your first consultation is complimentary so call us today for a chat at 720.432.8211.  It may be the best decision you have made regarding your health.  And place your orders for your homeopathic products here at Kelway Health’s store.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

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