About Kelway Health Functional Medicine

In 2003, Clare Kelway Bergman formed Kelway Health.  It opened in Oxshott, Surrey in England.  Clare had recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  She studied to become a professional naturopath.  This then led to the opening of Kelway Health Functional Medicine.  Her children were very small so she based her clinic from her home and today she runs a tele-functional medicine practice from her home in Erie, Colorado in the US.

She came from a business background where she worked as a management consultant for various technology companies.  As you can imagine a very stressful life and coupled with her stressful childhood, she fell ill with unexplained fatigue and joint pain.

This ultimately helped her discover her purpose to help others unravel the mysteries of their health challenges.

Since those early days, Clare has added bio energetic medicine, functional medicine and clinical nutrition to her training and experience.

She works with clients all over the United States and helps those who want optimal health and preventative healthcare and those who are struggling with cancer or a complicated autoimmune illness needing nutritional and lifestyle support.


  • Bachelor of Economic Science  University of the Witwatersrand                        1984
  • Bachelor of Corporate Administration University of South Africa                        1994
  • Professional Diploma of Homeopathy British Institute Homeopathy                    2003
  • Winner of International Hahnemann Prize for Homeopathy                                 2003
  • Fellowship of the British Institute of Homeopathy    BIH UK          o                       2004
    • BioEnergetic Medicine Diploma                 BioEnergetic College UK              2005
  • Quantum Biofeedback Certification                       Quantum College       US          2011
  • Holistic Health Practitioner    American Assoc Drugless Pract.              US           2011
  • Certification Applied Kinesiology             Premier Research Labs           US          2015
  • Kalish Institute Mentorship Program Functional Medicine                           2016/2017

The more complex the case, the more likely Clare will be referred.  Her specialties are autoimmunity, natural cancer support and unexplained fatigue.   The top 5 issues that clients present at Kelway Health are hormone imbalances, sleep issues, anxiety, fatigue and digestive challenges.

I grew up with an alcoholic mother and co-dependent father in South Africa. During these early years, I struggled with emotional stress.  Emotional stress is often the first part of the breakdown of a person’s health.  My emotional stress led to digestive challenges, chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pains and ultimately Grave’s disease. However, I would consider myself to be tenacious, determined and possibly even stubborn.  I have heard people call me that from time to time!! These attributes were definitely helpful in helping me move forward and not only gain a good quality of life but discover a gift I didn’t know I had.

Our vision at Kelway Health functional  & holistic medicine is to help you dramatically enhance your health.  To help you reach your life goals with greater ease and joy by simply prioritizing your health and applying lifestyle principles into your life. To learn what new products are available that can make your life easier.

We integrate functional medicine, clinical nutrition and naturopathy to provide a holistic approach to every person.

Our Focus

We focus our work on helping clients overcome fatigue, depression, weight issues, digestive challenges and hormone imbalances. Much of our work is with cancer patients who are either going through their traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation or they have already completed their treatments and they are looking for help with their nutrition and supplementation for immunity and overall health.We also help autoimmune patients who are frustrated and seeking answers to their complex health challenges. Many patients today have Lyme’s disease along with several other challenging conditions.

Kelway Health functional medicine began accepting clients in the Denver area and across the US in January 2016. We are a virtual tele-medicine practice working with clients all over the United States via phone or video conference.

We help professional athletes, corporate executives, stay at home career women, men, kids and entrepreneurs.  They may not have been able to find the solution to their health issues elsewhere.   If you are frustrated about your health – call us today at 720.432.8211.

We work naturally without the use of prescription medicines. Working  alongside medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, biological dentists, physical therapists and many other health professionals.  Your health is a team effort and we look to be your professional guide in your health journey.

Kelway Health Functional Medicine Website

This website is a growing community talking about the benefits of holistic health and what professional supplements to use.   Our store covers products that we are proud to recommend because we know how they are manufactured and we know that they have organic, whole food ingredients without chemical fillers or additives.  It pays to know what you are buying today!

Everyone needs quality nutrients.  Whether you can afford to work with a health professional or not, you ought to be buying quality, wholesome nutrients to add to your daily life.

Our system of functional medicine uses a simple 3 body system that is logical and works. On this website we share strategies, products, supplements, books and people that we think you should know about.  We want you to have the very best access to supplements.

Some of the solutions  we present, you can do at home.  However  we recommend you work with a health professional on your individual case and not rely upon doing what you read online. Put the right products together with the right food plan.  Turnarounds can happen!

Questions about your health

Have you ever asked these questions about your health?

  • “I am always cold when others are not.”
  • I am tired of consulting yet another practitioner.
  • When will I ever feel well again?
  • “I am always tired and I never feel energetic!”
  • “Is there a safe way to cleanse my body?”
  • “What water should my family be drinking?”
  • “What is the right way to lose weight?”
  • Can I really get better?
  • How do I know that your supplements are the right ones?
  • “What to look for in health supplements when deciding which ones to buy”?
  • “How to make sense of all the varying advice online regarding my health?”

We had the same questions and so, so many more!!  Sometimes it feels kinda crazy when researching a topic online.  There are many opinions but really what is the truth?  How do you know?

Well you have come to the RIGHT place! We are ready to help you if you are ready to help yourself. You can read more about the specific programs on this website and the process I follow in the clinic.  What have you got to lose by booking a free consultation with me?

Consultations at Kelway Health Functional Medicine

A consultation at Kelway Health functional medicine will include a review of your health history. We investigate events that have happened in your life and how those may have impacted your health.  At your intake appointment, we may recommend specific tests that will give us answers to unresolved issues.  We then pull together a complete picture of your health including your lifestyle.

Our programs are various lengths in time depending on your health and life goals.

Some programs run for 3 months while others may be months long if your condition is severe.  In order to restore health, usually it takes the same number of months to stabilize as the number of years you have been ill. If you have been ill for 10 years, then your program will probably run for 10 months. Once you complete the program and retesting shows us that the issues have been resolved, we will create a maintenance program for you.

Clare understands that it is sometimes difficult to find a trusted partner in your health.  She will guide you with regards therapies, professional supplements and functional testing.

Book Your Free Consultation

Book a free phone consultation with our founder, Clare Kelway Bergman.  You have nothing to lose but much to gain. Many others have struggled just like you and have found their way to Kelway Health. it doesn’t matter where you live, we consult via phone and ship everything you might need to your home.

It takes focus, dedication, discipline and patience to restore your health and it is important that you know what to expect from the outset. We will help you make the changes you need in order to get better.

Healing is a decision – it is not something you swallow!  If you want to restore your health, you will need to determine this for yourself – we are willing and ready to walk alongside you. How motivated the client and clinic are will determine the success of any program.

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Start on your health journey now

Chat with us and ask questions via this website,  LinkedIn,  Facebook, send us an email: info AT kelwayhealth.com or book a phone consultation at FREE Consultation.

I am not a medical professional and therefore I don’t diagnose or work with diseases.  I work with the systems of the body in priority to restore balance and health.