This is how you do the liver and gallbladder cleanse.  This is for people who still have their gallbladder.  And remember that you must do the 5 day preparation prior to this cleanse for most efficient and best results.


We start this cleanse on a Friday.  You can do this any day of the week but do the 5 day preparation before embarking on this cleanse! Don’t take short cuts!!  This is your health and you will get the results you are seeking when you do the cleanse as outlined here.

Friday lunch time – 12 noon

Make a soup with cleansing vegetables such as onion, garlic, carrots and beets.

Have your last snack at 2.30 pm.  You can eat nuts and an avocado.  Do not eat after 2.30 pm.  Just keep drinking your fluid with apple cider vinegar and your liver mixture.  Alternate each one each hour up to 6 pm.


Now it is time for the first lot of Epsom Salts.  Put 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts in 8 oz of water and drink down right away.  if you can’t stomach the taste, you can add lemon juice to the solution.  This helps to dilate the ducts before the cleanse.  Your bowels may open very quickly after ingesting this liquid so be close to a bathroom. You will  repeat this at 8 pm to ensure that you are ready for the cleanse.  We want the bowels as empty as possible so that you don’t feel nauseous when doing the cleanse.

8 pm

Repeat the Epsom Salts solution.

9.45 pm

Mix  4 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with 6 oz of grapefruit juice and shake before drinking to make it into a watery liquid.  You can refrigerate to make it more palatable to drink.  Drink it down in 1 go.


Stay like this for 30 minutes after which you can stretch out and go to sleep.  Put all your attention on your liver.  Focus and visualize it emitting lots of toxins.  You can put a castor oil pack on your liver during this time if you wish for added benefit.

You may feel the stones moving along the ducts like marbles.  There won’t be spasms or pain if you have done your preparation correctly.  See the article on preparation.

If you need the bathroom, go.  Else try to go to sleep. If you feel nauseous, it is because of toxins in your body.  If you vomit, then that means you are emitting toxins.  Don’t walk around – lie down even if you are not sleeping.  Rest and focus on your liver.

If at any time during the night you feel the urge to go to the bathroom – do so.  Check if there are already small gallstones floating in the toilet.   You may feel nauseated during the night and in the early morning.  This is due to a strong sudden outpouring of gallstones and toxins from the liver and gallbladder, pushing the oil mixture back into the stomach.   The nausea will pass as the morning progresses.

Do not get up before 6 am.  At 6 am you can take another glass of 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts and water if you wish.  If you are very thirsty, then drink a glass of lemon juice in warm water before the Epsom salts.  Rest, read and meditate.

Go back to bed if you are sleepy.

8 am

Drink your last glass of Epsom Salts with water.

10 am

You may now drink a glass of fruit juice ( freshly squeezed).

10.30 am

You may eat a couple of pieces of fruit.

11 am

You may eat a light meal.

Do not eat meat on this day.  You may start eating meat on Sunday.  But make sure your diet remains the same as the preparation plan for 3 days after the cleanse.  This will allow the body to continue to cleanse.  Continue to take your liver supplements twice a day for the next 7 days.  I take this liver mixture twice a day always because I have had serious liver issues so I am always supporting my liver against the toxicity of today.

You may drink water at any time during this cleanse if you feel thirsty.

Do not repeat this procedure for 21 days.

There are some sites that say you can repeat more often.  I don’t recommend this.  This is a strenuous but healthy cleanse and effect on your liver and gall bladder. It has been shown that it takes 2 – 3 weeks for the remainder of any stones trapped in your organs to come to the front for further cleansing.  We recommend repeating 3 cleanses, one a month for 3 months and then re-assessing after that.  Some people have had to cleanse monthly for a year or more to clear out all the toxins and stones.

You can expect to feel more energy and a lighter self after cleansing.  Contact our office directly at 720.452.8211   for instructions if you don’t have a gall bladder.  And remember that you must contact your health professional before embarking on such a cleanse.

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