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Learn Why Your Body Craves Sugar And What To Do About It

Quantum Biofeedback technology enables a practitioner to perform a Bio-Survey of your body.

This technology allows us to evaluate the stress of each of your body’s systems.

It can  identify the underlying cause of stress in each of these systems.  This can then pinpoint the exact remedies which will bring your body back into balance.   It gives us valuable insight into underlying layers of stress that are not always obvious. They cause us to consider layers of toxicity that would not otherwise have been visible.   Biofeedback is very subtle and sensitive.

Kelway Health has been using SCIO biofeedback for 12 years.

Quantum Biofeedback is effective at measuring stress and training the body to reduce stress.

When a person is stressed, their internal processes such as blood pressure can become irregular.  Quantum Biofeedback therapy teaches these relaxation techniques and mental exercises which can alleviate their symptoms.

Your practitioner can assess your stress by attaching a head harness with electrodes to your forehead.  The equipment then displays the processes on a monitor.  You will eventually learn how to control these processes without the need to be monitored.

During a quantum biofeedback session the head harness  sends information to a monitoring box. The biofeedback therapist reads the measurements.

Sessions are typically less than an hour long.  Most people will begin to see positive results after 1-2 sessions.  Kids can experience significant positive changes in 4 – 6 sessions. However, some clients may need more sessions.

SCIO quantum biofeedback is a FDA registered Class II medical device that sends the body questions called digital stressors and then monitors your response by tracking changes in GSR ( Galvanic skin Response)

We have the capability to conduct client sessions virtually thanks to our Virtual Clinic.

Our Virtual Clinic enables clients to enjoy sessions from the privacy of their home for those who live too far or find it difficult to travel.

How does virtual work with the biofeedback system?

The same way that your cell phone works. Every item in this world has a unique frequency.  Biofeedback equipment can read the subtle frequencies of the body.  This happens virtually as well as when you are wired to the system. There is a small difference in accuracy or margin or error.

Stress is natural when you are ill. Quantum biofeedback can help to reduce your stress and therefore help your body to heal.  We use quantum biofeedback in order to reduce the stress of our clients.