Virtual Functional Medicine Consultations

You can work with us from the comfort of your home.  You don’t have to travel.  You don’t need to get stressed.  Discuss your health in the relaxed environment of your home.

We work with clients all over the USA and also internationally.  We work with skype, zoom and phone. We prefer zoom video conferencing because it allows face to face interaction with the health professional.

Benefits of virtual functional medicine consulting:

  • If you have a serious illness, virtual consultations spare you the inconvenience and cost of travel and traffic, especially in Denver.
  • If you live in parts of the country that doesn’t have a local functional medicine practice, you can work with us no matter where you live. There are some exceptions – call to ask.
  • Comfortable, familiar surroundings for client and therefore reduction in visit anxiety.
  • Clients often can show us their meds and supplements they are taking. This can be helpful if some have been missed on the intake forms and often they don’t know the brands of supplements so they can show us and we can help them with these.
  • There are many medical doctors doing virtual visits now, so market acceptance is good.
  • You will have a peaceful, focused session.
  • Cost effective for professional and client.
  • Labs are sent to the home and results come back from the lab to us.
  • Health histories are completed online in a safe, HIPPA compliant space.


  • We can’t give you a real hug, only a virtual hug. And we know the benefit of touch to every client. We do recommend you have a massage therapist or someone who works hands on as this is very beneficial to healing.


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Clare Kelway
Clare Kelway

Clare Kelway is a functional medicine practitioner and homeopath. She comes from the UK where she turned a successful career in business management into a health calling after suffering from an autoimmune illness. She is a functional medicine thought leader, speaker, coach, and mentor. She runs Kelway Health a Denver functional medicine virtual practice leading the way in chronic illness management.