How to do a vitamin C Cleanse?  I am asked this in the clinic all the time.  If you are a Kelway Health client or follower, you know how much we love naturopathic cleanses and detoxification.

We live in such a toxic world today.  Detoxing is not a periodic event or at least it shouldn’t be.  It needs to be a daily part of your life.  Certain types of cleanses should be done a few times a year.  This includes a C Cleanse. The great thing about this cleanse is that it will let us know much vitamin C you actually need at this time.

The sicker you are the more Vitamin C you will need.

If we are repeating telling you to do something in clinic, then we are going to put it here on the website so that everyone can benefit from this information.

Background to C Cleanse

In the 1980s Dr. Russell Jaffe identified the needs of a vitamin C flush and presented the Ascorbate flush.  This is  now called the C Cleanse. It is the new ‘beyond bowel tolerance’ mechanism to identify Vitamin C requirement.

Our Vitamin C Cleanse

Vitamin C Cleanse with Kelway HealthHere, Vitamin C in a buffered ascorbate powder form is consumed. It is consumed  in increments of 15 minutes till there is a complete evacuation of the gastrointestinal tract contents or a flush/cleanse is achieved (watery stools).  Buffered ascorbate powder is not just taken till the development of loose stools.

It is important to remember not to stop here: continuing to the very end is essential.

 Helpful tips/hints: If the cleanse is not achieved within 3-4 hours, it is recommended to stop and restart fresh another day at a slightly higher starting dosage.

Usually, a C cleanse result of less than 4 grams is a healthy one and a goal for many to achieve. It is not uncommon though to see results of 50 grams, 75 grams or even 100 grams.

Performing the C cleanse on a weekly basis is optimal.  Usually the amount increases per cleanse till a plateau is reached and then requirement can decrease to the healthy goal.

What to do after the cleanse

Once the C cleanse is performed, 75% of that amount is thought to be the daily requirement.  However, for many it may be difficult to do this amount starting immediately. This is usually due to digestive repair needs.

In such cases it is fine to do anywhere between 5-50% of the cleanse dose while digestive repair is initiated. If you follow the treatment map process we use at Kelway Health, there will be energy management processes to undertake before we even venture to gut repair.   We can discuss your individual case with you.

For some it may even be imperative to do 2-3 months of concentrated digestive repair.  Then you can start  with a minimal dose of buffered ascorbate before embarking on a full C cleanse.

How much Vitamin C to take

There are 3 categories of individuals: the healthy, not so healthy/slightly unwell, and the really unwell/ill.

Based on this, the starting dosage of buffered ascorbate can vary: Healthy: ½ tsp = 2.5 grams vitamin C

Slightly unwell: 1 tsp. = 5 grams vitamin C

Unwell/ill: 2 tsp. = 10 grams vitamin C

Instructions for carrying out your Vitamin C Cleanse

Step 1

Start your vitamin C flush first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach.

Add 1 tsp. of fully reduced, buffered mineral L-ascorbate powder to a cup containing 2 oz. of water.

Write down the dosage of the vitamin C as 5 grams.

Step 2

Allow two minutes for the effervescence to stop and the vitamin to fully dissolve.

Step 3

Drink the dissolved vitamin. Wait for 15 minutes.

 Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you are pressed to go to the toilet and pass a watery stool.


Once you hit watery stool – stop the Vitamin C.  During the process, there will be a point where a fullness or bloating sensation may occur.  Slowing down or fine tuning the dosage at this point is advised. This will allow you not to miss the cleanse end point.

Note how many teaspoons of Vitamin C you drank before you got to watery stool or 3 hours whichever came sooner.  If you got to 3 hours without a watery stool, please stop and discuss with your health professional what the next step ought to be.

Need for Vitamin C

Everyone has a different need for Vitamin C. Whether we are healthy or unwell, our needs differ. This is due to our genetics.  Doing a Vitamin C cleanse enables you to discover your real needs for this valuable vitamin. Vitamin C an essential vitamin which means we cannot make it internally.  We need to get it from food.


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