What is the right appointment for you at Kelway Health?

Your first step with Kelway Health is always a complimentary ( FREE) strategy session via phone.

This 15 – 20 minute strategy session will determine how we can help and what is  the right appointment for you.

We will discuss costs and labs that we offer at Kelway Health. The right appointment for you may be a homeopathic consultation.  In this  case we will discuss how that works. The other services we offer are nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, biofeedback as well as our main service: functional medicine.

Functional medicine follows a specific process and if you are struggling with a serious health issue or have a diagnosis, we will recommend that functional medicine is the right appointment for you.

We will prepare you for what to expect at you first appointment and what needs to be done before you come to the clinic.

You will be asked to bring your most recent test results to your appointment.  We will discuss what tests need to be run at your first appointment.

Whatever your challenge or questions, we can serve you best by speaking on the phone before embarking on a clinical session. This helps us help you.

Booking your right appointment

If you call the office, we can book your appointment but it is preferable to do it online.


You will be responsible for payment of your account at the time of your appointment.  All clients complete an authorization for payment at the time of booking their appointment.   We collect payment at the time of the appointment or when you collect products. Kelway Health does not accept any insurance.  We are a private pay practice.  If you have an HSA account, then you may submit your bill to your provider after the appointment and you may or may not receive reimbursement.   Lab tests are all cash pay.  When you collect your kit or you order a kit, you are responsible for payment.  There is no return on lab kits.

Kelway Health is excited to help you on your health journey.

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